//VR Headset for Android Phones – Tips for High-Performance

VR Headset for Android Phones – Tips for High-Performance

Tips for Maintaining Your VR Headset

If you are looking for a VR headset for Android phones, you need a headset that delivers quality and is not very expensive. Eagle Eye is just such a VR headset that has lightweight display with clarity and high definition sound. Since it supports all latest smartphones, many Android phones can be used with this one.

It is one thing to buy a headset and another thing to make it last long. Eagle Eye is a quality headset that is bound to last very long. However, with a little care you can ensure that the VR experience stays immaculate every time you play a game or watch a video. Here are some tips to help you maintain your VR glasses:vr headset for android phones

Don’t take your headset for granted

Like your phone, you should not take your headset for granted and toss it around. Do not leave it unattended especially if you have kids or pets inside your home. Do not put them on a chair where someone could accidentally sit on them.


Do not keep the headset in extreme temperatures because it can get damaged or at least the performance may be affected. Avoid leaving it in a hot car especially directly under the scorching sun.

Cleaning the Headset

It is important to clean the headset from time to time and you have to be very gentle with this. With any VR headset for Android phones, use a soft cotton cloth to clean it through and through. For lenses, do not use any cleaning solution but eyeglass cleaning solution.

Remember to clean the phone as well before use from time to time because the dust can get the inside of the headset dirty and also affect the display quality.

Store properly

The most important thing is to store it properly when not in use. Most people keep it in the case or box it came in after use which is great. But you also need something to put it in when you are on the move. Luckily, there are cases that you can find online that can be used to store safely the headset during travels.

Your headset is an investment that should deliver a high ROI i.e. a long life of playing countless games and watching hundreds of hours of videos. All of that is possible if you have a quality headset and that you maintain it properly. Eagle Eye VR headset for Android phones is high quality and durable but with a little more care you can make sure that it really lives up to its promise.

This is especially important for those very expensive headsets because lax handling can damage your headset and you will have to replace. For this reason too, it makes sense to buy an affordable headset like Eagle Eye so that should the unforeseen happen you can easily replace it.