//20 Fun Facts About FPV Drone

20 Fun Facts About FPV Drone

Ottawa Based Duo Teaches Drones

A duo based in Ottawa has a business for drone enthusiasts called FPV Ottawa. The purpose of this initiative is to teach people about flying FPV drone. They are also planning to make a professional team of drone pilots compete in drone racing competitions. The duo consists of Dillon Nord and David Comier, both of whom had strong interest in drones before this joint venture.fpv drone

Dillon’s interest in this technology sprang from the many YouTube videos about drones. For his partner though the interest came from professional drone photography. They started this business almost four years ago with the intention of opening stores too but at the moment racing drones have earned much of their focus. They want to help others like them to learn how to fly a drone and soon will be able to teach them how to build a drone from scratch. They have a proper set up for this that follows all FAA regulations and provides a safe environment for practicing.

They are very much passionate about FPV drone racing and believe it is an adventure sport with little risk. This is true in all aspects as with these FPV drone aerial vehicles you get to see the view from above ground like a bird, if you will, while standing on the ground. As compared with other rather dangerous adventure sports like car or bike racing, this is relatively safer.

What the duo is doing is a great thing for the drone community as more and more people are coming on board and getting themselves drones. With this sort of apprenticeship so to speak they can practice safely and learn about the art of flying drones. Come to think of it, those who are truly passionate about this could make a living out of it. After all drone racing is quickly garnering fame and so many leagues and events are being organized in cities across North America and Europe.

There is a lot of potential in this trait both in terms of this new adventure sport and the regular use of drones. Those kids with professional drone flying skills can in near future do something like this duo is doing or get hired for any job too in industries that are trying to incorporate these UAVs. They can even start their own businesses that revolve around drones. All they need is a good quality drone and a place like FP Ottawa that can help them.

The drone you use has a big part in all of this as well as a low-quality drone would never let you reap the benefits fully. What you would essentially need is an FPV drone like that by Dragon camera drones. Whatever your need is whether it is a mini drone or a large quadcopter, they can provide you with something high quality with reasonable price. If you happen to be interested in professional drone photography, their 4K cameras and gimbals will cover that too.