Samsung Gear VR Headset


Can you only purchase the Samsung gear VR headset? Many people think that you can only purchase the Samsung gear VR headset. That there isn’t many other VR headsets on the market. But, this isn’t the truth at all. There are many other VR headsets available, if you just know where to look. The more [...]

Sky Viper Stunt Drone


Do you just purchase any drone on the market? With the large variety of drones on the market like the sky viper stunt drone and the drones in the shop, it can be frustrating to choose a drone to purchase. It is so easy to make a mistake with the drone you are choosing. The [...]

Muse Drones


The importance of purchasing a drone with high-quality battery Muse drones and other drones need to have a high-quality battery in order to give you the fun and entertainment that you were looking for. However, not many people are looking at the battery life of a drone before they are purchasing it for themselves. And, [...]

Phantom 3 Professional Drone


The professional drones: what you need to know It is important to know that there are some beginner drones and there are the professional drones like the Phantom 3 professional drone. You need to make sure that you are going to purchase the best drone for yourself. When you are considering purchasing a professional drone, [...]

Parrot AR Drone


The importance of knowing the different brand drones There are so many different drone brands that you can choose, from the Parrot AR drone to the cheaper Walmart drones. It can be hard to find the right one for you. There are many reasons why you should take your time and purchase the drone that [...]

Yuneec Drone


Purchasing a high quality, professional drone Drones like the yuneec drone is known as professional drones that you can purchase. However, this doesn’t mean that this is the only drone on the market that is a high quality, but professional drone that you can buy. There are many different drones that you can also consider, [...]

Tanky Drone


Pros and cons of purchasing a cheap drone One of the popular drones that you can purchase is the tanky drone, or even better the Eagle eye drone. However, there are so many cheap drones on the market that people are considering to purchase and not the higher quality ones. Before you decide to purchase [...]

VR Headset for Note 4


The VR Apps You Will Love for Your Note 4 VR apps have now become quite common. Every now and then, you will find some amazing games and educational apps coming. These apps have been providing ultimate entertainment as they take you up close to the fictional world. In this article, we will specifically talk [...]

Note 3 VR Headset


A  Perfect Note 3 VR Headset Ever since VR technology has hit smartphones, the whole scenario has changed. Of course, with billions of smartphone users around the world VR apps and headsets have become a popular tech gadget of the modern age. The increasing demand of these gadgets has resulted in more manufacturers jumping into [...]

iPhone 6 VR Headset


How VR Headsets Have Been Changing our Health You must have often heard about the adverse effects of VR headsets and the virtual reality technology. The internet is saturated with discussions and posts where you find people complaining about the negative side of the VR technology. This is quite understandable because you will find so [...]