//Best VR Headsets: Expectations vs. Reality

Best VR Headsets: Expectations vs. Reality

Things You Will Find in Best Quality VR Headsets

Not all the vr headsets are the same and this is pretty apparent owing to the troubles we saw with some of the very famous headsets like Samsung Gear VR. The best VR headsets have certain attributes that makes them best and luckily price is not one of them. VR is not just about seeing things in 3d or 360 degrees, it is about the overall experience. And if the headset you are buying fails to provide that then you will never fully appreciate vr technology. Here are some things that an ideal headset would have:best vr headsets


Without a shred of doubt, this is the most important thing about these headsets. Best VR headsets will be a lot comfortable to wear even for long hours. Vr involves a lot of attention and if you feel discomforted you will not experience vr in the correct way. Moreover, there are hazards such as motion sickness and nausea especially when you use a headset for too long. It should be designed with soft materials and should sit on your face snugly but not too tight.

The weight also plays a part in this. The lighter it is the more comfortable it will be for your neck. You can go on and wear it for hours on end without feeling tired.


When buying headsets for mobile phones, it is important too but the one with high compatibility. We keep changing our phones and a headset that has to be replaced with the headset is definitely not worth it. You need one that works ‘virtually’ with every smartphone regardless of the company.

Many headsets indeed are compatible with most smartphones but there are certain that work with certain phones or at least show the most optimized result. Make sure to try the headset with different phones.


Obviously, it goes without saying that quality is an important consideration. The picture has to be immaculate and high definition in order for the headset to be truly best. Lower resolution would completely kill the vr experience and you would never want to wear it again and play a game or watch a video. The latency which is the time it takes an input to come to headset should be 7 to 15 milliseconds. If picture is taking too long to follow your moves, then that is poor picture.

Finding a headset with these three fundamental attributes is not that difficult. And the best part is you can find one in a very affordable price. Eagle Eye VR is one of the best VR headsets by all accounts whether you try its picture quality, comfort, sound or compatibility. It will work with any smartphone and its lightweight display is high quality and comfortable. It costs lesser than Samsung Gear VR and is just as good in terms of quality. It will deliver the vr experience you deserve to see whether you love gaming, films or images.