//Best Drone to Buy

Best Drone to Buy

Which drone is best for me?

best drone to buyThe best drone to buy is not exactly a rocket science but it is not a simple task either. There are quite a lot of types of drones and if you get something that is not right for you, you will not be able to enjoy the authentic drone flying experience. So here is a simple guide to choosing the best one for yourself:

Important Tips

  • Identify your needs as to what you are going to do with it
  • Decide your budget
  • Compare prices of different brands of the same type
  • Wait for holiday season or clearance sales for getting the best bargain
  • Watch videos on YouTube shot from the drone

Customer Profiles

I am a newbie

If you are a beginner, go for the basic quadcopter that is cheap but decent quality. What you essentially need is something easy to fly with one function buttons. You do not necessarily need advanced features like gps, lock and follow, orbit etc.

I am a photographer

You are going to need to spend a bit more because you need the best camera you can get. You will need the drone that has high definition camera with high number of pixels. 360 degrees camera is another option too if you want something different to try out too. Accessories also improve drone photography and videography like gimbals.

I am buying for my kid

You should buy a mini or nano drone that is just like a toy if the kid is 8 or younger. For kids above 8, a small drone can be bought too. Again, you should go for a basic one with a decent quality construction and camera. Spending too much on a high end drone for a kid is not exactly the way to go.

I already fly a quadcopter, I want something big

Now you have the essential skills for flying the drone so you can fly a bigger long range drone. For such a drone, be prepared to spend a little more because quality cannot be compromised. Such drones are usually not that cheap and have advanced features that you can now comfortably use with your intermediate or expert drone piloting skills.

I am starting a business

If you are buying drones for commercial purposes then you will need something sturdy, durable and high quality. You will need to identify what purpose you will be using for and focus on that. For instance, if you are buying for surveillance purposes than the best drone to buy would be the one with high definition camera, night vision, and long lasting battery life.

I just want to have fun

Well, you are the customer this technology is really made for. You can virtually buy any kind of drone and have fun with it. However, the best would be to buy an affordable small drone that has camera and hooks up with your phone.

One brand that virtually has all these types is Eagle Eye’s Camera Drones. They have the best drone to buy no matter what your need may be. You are sure to find quality along with affordability.