The Ultimate Virtual Reality Headset

VR – Virtually Anywhere

Your smartphone can take you to another world with Eagle Eye VR. It’s virtual reality, anytime, anywhere. Snap your smartphone into the portable and wireless Eagle Eye VR headset to dive into a world of 360° experiences. Look around; you’re in the center of the action now.


Make dreams your reality

Explore, race, jet-set and discover. Put on the Eagle Eye VR goggles to do what you’ve only dreamed about and go where you’ve never been.

Strap in. Game on.

Nothing compares to gaming using your Eagle Eye VR glasses. Jump into the action of your favorite games, including Minecraft and Eve: Gunjack. Plus, thrilling new titles are being added all the time.

Endless Entertainment


The Eagle Eye Virtual Reality headset is your source for hours of 360° video and there’s new stuff debuting daily from all your favorite networks, film studios and more. An expansive library of premium content is waiting for you. 

The Apps You Use


Watch your own 360° videos and photos on YouTube, Facebook or the best virtual reality headset- Eagle Eye VR headsets.

Made for Your Smartphone


Snap any of the latest smartphones into the Eagle Eye Virtual Reality goggles to get going. It’s just that easy.

Explore in virtual reality!

Explore the action like never before with the Eagle Eye Virtual Reality glasses and your smartphone.

The Most Powerful Virtual Reality Headset for Sale.

Seeing is believing

Eagle Eye virtual reality headsets use state of the art displays and optics designed specifically for VR.The combination of crystal clear virtual glasses and low-weight display provide an immersive, wide field of view. Bottom Line. The Eagle Eye VR lens is the best virtual reality headset on the market.

This Is One Advanced Virtual Headset

The instant you put on Eagle Eye virtual goggles you’ll feel and see the remarkable blend of technology, comfort, and beautiful design.

Connect it to Any Smartphone

Buy Virtual Reality Glasses for iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, Samsung and more. Eagle Eye 3D VR glasses will fit any smartphone. Your smartphone’s size should be 4.6-6.0 inches.

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Fantastic VR Devices

Experience the virtual universe

Immerse yourself in a 3D movie, travel to the seven wonders of the world, step into the character of a 360-degree video game.

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Choose Your Smartphone VR Headset

Pick the VR headset that matches your smartphone – Choose a your phone brand and let the fun begin

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Motorola VR Headset

Go Explore!

Eagle Eye VR Headset buy now and save. It’s your ticket to the new world.

Accessories for your VR Headset

Combining the Eagle Eye VR headset with a wireless remote will take your Virtual Reality experience to the next level. The remote and game controller can easily be paired with users smartphones via Bluetooth.

Wireless Controllers


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360 Cameras


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VR Headphones


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