//VR Headset Android Review

VR Headset Android Review

Facts About VR You Probably Did Not Know

Virtual reality is one of the biggest technological breakthroughs of this century. This technology has changed the way we play video games and watch videos. Not only that, it is helping in education, real estate, museums, art, medicine and many other fields. With a VR headset Android review, iOS and any other smartphone can introduce you to a world of interesting things.

This technology has been in the making for many years and it has really shone through since the past few years. For viewing thing, in 3d all you need is a headset like Eagle Eye that brings the best possible picture quality in a price tag not so heavy on the pocket.vr headset android review

Here are some facts regarding VR you should know:

  1. VR first came out in 1987

This technology was perceived far earlier than most of us would like to believe. This is true that it has gotten common only now but work had started way early. In 1987, the term virtual reality was coined by Jaron Lanier.

  1. It is not so expensive: VR headset Android review

Contrary to common belief, VR technology is getting cheaper by the minute. Take the example of Eagle Eye again or even some other headsets like Gear VR from Samsung that are remarkably cheaper than others. This is because the companies want more people to have access to it.

  1. Facebook bought Oculus for $2 Billion

Oculus is a VR company which Facebook bought in 2014 for a whopping $2 billion. This goes to show the interest of Facebook which is clearly one of the biggest tech companies in the world right now. Other companies are also coming on board and investing millions.

  1. 75% of Forbes’ Most Valuable Companies invested in VR in 2015

Yes, every major industry is moving towards this miraculous technology and using it to enhance the experience of users with different products. This investment is likely going to increase this year and in future.

  1. Google Cardboard was a Side Product

Google allows their employees to work on their own projects during 20 hours of their working time every week. This is called the innovation time off and Cardboard was a result of this only. Damien Henry and David Coz created the cardboard which became one of Google’s most successful ventures in VR and provided an affordable VR headset for Android phones.

  1. VR is not limited to Gaming

Those who have not yet explored it think that it is limited to the gaming world only. This is absolutely untrue as so much more is being done in VR. Films are being made with 360 degree cameras and it is also being used for virtual tours of places. In fact, some of the best VR apps are note even games.

This VR headset Android review for smartphones can easily give you the taste of this truly immersive experience. This is really the biggest innovation of our time and it would be a shame not to explore it and of course appreciate it.