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Samsung VR Headset

Samsung VR headset versus Eagle eye VR headset

VR headsets are the one thing that is getting quite popular among children and adults. This is a great way to enjoy a virtual game in a virtual reality world. It really feels like you are within the game, and not playing the game. The same goes for using the VR headset for watching 3D movies. The two different VR headsets that you can purchase without any problems are the Samsung VR headset and the Eagle eye VR headset. Here are a comparison between these two, so that you can know which one you can purchase:


If you are looking at the features, then you will see that they are quite similar. They are all great for watching videos and for playing games. The only feature that is making the Eagle eye VR headset better is the fact that you can use any smartphone with the headset. With the Samsung, you can only use the Samsung phone.

The other features are similar, but really necessary in order to purchase a VR headset that you can use for years to come.

The Price

With the price, there isn’t a comparison to make. Because the Samsung is a popular name, this is a much more expensive VR headset to purchase. The Eagle eye VR headset is really cheaper, but this doesn’t mean that they are not the same quality.

There are many people that are claiming that they prefer the Eagle eye VR headset above the Samsung VR headset. The Samsung is too expensive for the features it has to offer.


Both the Samsung and the Eagle eye VR headset have the same quality. They are durable and will last for a couple of years.

If you are looking for a quality headset, then you can choose anyone of the two. However, because the Eagle eye is cheaper with the same quality as the Samsung, people prefer purchasing the one that is giving you more value for money. And, this is the Eagle eye VR headset.


Of cause, the Samsung is more popular than the Eagle eye VR headset. But, only because the brand name is really popular among people. The problem is that if you are going to purchase the Samsung VR, you are going to be able to use it only with a Samsung phone. Something that you won’t need to worry about with the Eagle eye.

It isn’t always about which one is the most popular, but it is more about which one is the one that is going to give you more value for money and that will give you hours of enjoyment.

When you are going to compare the Samsung VR headset and the Eagle eye VR headset with each other, you will see that there isn’t a large difference between them. The one is just a lot cheaper than the other one. And, with the Eagle eye, you can use any smartphone. If you are looking for the one that is going to be giving you value for money, then the Eagle eye VR headset is the one you should consider.