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Samsung S5 VR Headset

Recreating History with Virtual Reality

samsung s5 vr headsetVirtual Reality is one of the coolest things to happen in the current century and it is getting even cooler now as you can experience historical events with it. Virtual reality basically simulates situations and it could literally be anything so why not the most important moments from the past. Such experiences are becoming very popular around the world. You can view such videos on your phone sitting on your couch using say a headset like Eagle Eye which is the best Samsung S5 VR Headset and many other phones.

Recently TimeLooper created an incredible virtual experience recreating the horror of the Trafalgar Square bombing. The experience is as close to reality as possible thanks to the accounts taken from historians. You can see soldiers and nurses standing beside you and a bomb falls and the blaring sound of it is nearly deafening.

It is not easy to recreate such events as you have to have details and all facts checked. Incidents that have been controversial become all the more difficult to render because if the representation is incorrect, it could rile up people that are connected with the events. This is why creators of such experience involve historians closely. They give them the necessary details which make it easy for creators to depict situations as close to reality as technically possible.

Such content is garnering popularity and is very informational for everyone especially children. It is just like time traveling and being there as the events take place. It can be an interactive and fun way for kids to learn history. If this becomes available in classrooms, our next generations could be a lot more aware of their past which is essential.

This aspiration of having VR in classrooms is not something far-fetched as headsets are now quite cheap and common. Eagle Eye VR for instance which is the best Samsung S5 VR Headset costs less than $100. It is compatible with so many latest phones including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. So you can imagine children using these as a virtual depiction of what they have read in the books. This will be more interesting for them and will have a stronger impact.

Creating such content can be expensive as one has to hire actors in addition to thorough research with the help of historians. But several VR companies are doing it and it could be that filmmakers who have big money could be diverted to recreating history on the silver screen that is viewable in VR. That would mean that VR would finally come to the masses and in a beneficial and informative way. Phones that are even few years older can be used to view VR content so someone who has an S5 can use the Samsung S5 VR Headset and view videos. If creators choose they can also put their work on YouTube or Within so even more people can view it.