//Flying Drones with Cameras

Flying Drones with Cameras

Flying Drones: Endless Possibilities of Filming and Marketing

Drone technology is growing faster than any other industry in the world today. Go few years back and people would see it as a spying device that provides footages of enemy headquarters and future plans. There were some that explode or even trigger explosions. Now, if you see flying drones with cameras on a crowd-packed concert, you’d wave at them and give your best pose.

Today social media offers 360-videos with virtual experience. Traditional aerial filming has been replaced by UAV aerial filming with better maneuvering and in-depth detail.

What Kind of Drone Suits You

  • Drones have been equipped with 4k cameras now. Advanced versions have HD cameras with zooming capability.
  • Some drones offer FPV monitor while advanced versions operate without it. This means, they offer live stream of footages to your smartphone, tablets or FPV googles.
  • Advanced version of drone cameras have the ability to shoot stills as well as videos. And some smart versions can shoot both simultaneously.
  • There are some models that require you to download the video first. You have to wait for the drone to land then download the video. On the other hand, advanced versions offer smartphone storage without any downloading. The footage stores directly as the video is being recorded.

If you are looking for inexpensive yet high quality flying drones with cameras, you can buy Eagle Eye Stealth that offers 360-degree video, automated filming, live feeds and smartphone connectivity. Plus, it’s cheaper than most branded models.

Some Advantages  

  1. One of the best advantages of drones is, you don’t have to monitor the air borne gadget manually. This means, you don’t have to constantly look at it and kill your neck. You can monitor the path and performance of the drone via smartphone and the attached remote controls the path. Here, a built-in camera comes as a life saver.
  2. An advantage of FPV drone over the one without FPV is, drone operator can change the setting of the camera in order to get desired results. While drone without FPV requires change of setting when it comes down.
  3. As technology improves, camera capabilities will improve too. Even today, cameras can detect moisture content, spectrums and infrared. So, if you get a good camera, price will be higher, but the cost will still be lesser than traditional aerial setup.
  4. Some drones, like Eagle Eye Stealth, DJI Inspire 1 or Phantom 3, are equipped with a HD camera or 4K camera. You’ll get a high quality picture with 1080p. In fact, Eagle Eye Stealth is equipped with 0.3m pixels up to 2.0 m pixels. This means, you’ll get amazing video quality and you’ll be able to shoot at 2.0m pixels. You can zoom in and out and get detailed image for your audience.
  5. If you’re thinking about the price, flying drones with cameras is fairly reasonable. Add long battery time, maneuvering, accessibility and control to it and you’ll have a compact tech-gadget in the bag.


Drone camera is a revolution in filming and marketing industry. It has given an entirely new dimension to photography and video-making. Although, the technology is still in its early stage, think about the endless possibilities when it will reach its prime.