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Drone entrepreneurship: Solving problems with UAVs

drone priceWith drones becoming increasingly commercial, people are turning their entrepreneurial eye on them and starting up businesses that essentially are based on unmanned aerial vehicles. After all entrepreneurship is all about solving problems and drones are doing that in many ways. The decreasing drone price is making it even more economical for startups to use these machines. From agriculture to medicine, many applications have popped up that are revolutionizing these fields.

It is not just the cost or availability that is making drones so business friendly, it is also their effectiveness and relevance in many areas. For instance, in inspections mini drones with cameras can go into small places where perhaps a human inspector cannot go. The inspector is still the one making the call but the drone helps improve the process and make it fast and accurate. Similarly drones that have preprogrammed automated paths can make deliveries faster than a delivery man on a bike. Drones would not have to wait in traffic which is a big problem in most metropolises around the world.

Finding the problem to solve with a drone is not going to be that difficult. Look around you and you will find something that can perhaps be achieved with a quadcopter or at the very least done better or in less cost with it. May be you can rescue cats stuck on trees or water plants in parks or streets. Any problem that you can solve with a drone is an opportunity to start a business and prove to the world that drones are indeed a revolutionary technology for mankind.

There are stories of people who have made it big with drones in the modern world. Jordi Munoz, who is the co-founder of 3D Robotics, started out by making a drone with a toy helicopter and a modified game controller. Next thing you know, he was the CTO of the biggest personal drone company in the US. His was about creating a drone from scratch, but there are others who bought drones and used them for changing the world. All these stories are connected in a way and are helping make the world a better place.

It is not all that easy or simple to start a business with drones. You have to take into account the feasibility of the idea, the drone price and the regulations regarding these machines. You have to get your drones registered and follow the guidelines of flying them. The good thing is whatever type of drone you think is best suited for your business idea you can find affordable options around.

Eagle Eye Stealth drone is a perfect example of a sturdy, lightweight and high quality drone that is not pricey at all. If camera is your focus in the drone than this product is the best thing you can get. The low drone price makes it ideal for buying in bulk for entrepreneurial ventures in any field. These aerial machines are paving their way into the commercial world very fast so your idea could very well be the next big thing.