//Best Smartphone VR Headset

Best Smartphone VR Headset

If you are about to experience your first ever virtual reality video then you are in for a ride.  Virtual reality is all about immersion and feeling part of the picture. However, those who have never worn the best smartphone VR headset before may find it a bit intimidating. This is completely normal as us humans tend to have some reservations with technology, still! Nevertheless, it is not really that difficult and once you do it you would probably want more of it.best smartphone vr headset

First of all, you need a quality headset which supports your smartphone and is lightweight. Eagle Eye VR is a great choice for a VR headset as it is compatible with most smartphones. You get clarity and crispness in both the picture and sound. And moreover, it is lightweight and made from soft materials so you stay comfortable even after wearing it for a while. Headsets now are quite affordable and accessible and you can easily find one like Eagle Eye online.

When you have you’re the best smartphone VR headset ready you can snap in your smartphone. There is no rocket science to it really as it is super easy to fix it in. Most phones, even some big ones, easily fit in the glasses. For any game or video, you just have to turn on the VR mode first and then snap your phone in. For videos, all you have to do is move and the phone would capture the movements. You can view places and scenes in 360 degrees by just moving around. For games, a remote control can provide an even better control like that in Eagle Eye.

You can watch videos on apps like Within or YouTube or play games like InCell VR or Space VR. On YouTube you just have to tap on that dots icon on the top of the video and click on cardboard and the VR mode will start. Just put your phone in the glasses and you are good to go. There is a dedicated channel for videos shot in 360 degrees on YouTube. That channel is the best thing to watch with a headset as it allows you to fully immerse in the video and enjoy it. Similarly, all videos on Within are VR ready and shot to be watched with a headset. You do not necessarily need any fancy equipment, just a smartphone and a THE best smartphone VR headset.

Your smartphone is really important for the complete VR experience. Make sure the model you have is compatible with the headset you have. As said before, Eagle Eye works with most of the latest smartphones so newer phones both Android and iOS should be fine. Nevertheless, it never hurts to confirm by a quick search on the internet. Some phones like the Note 4 are designed specifically with VR in mind so the quality on these is great. Nowadays since this technology is so pervasive, almost every phone can be considered vr ready. So what are you waiting for go ahead and explore the immersive content!